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Buying A Rental Property With A Pool?

A Level Up Realty LLC - Tuesday, May 28, 2019
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Swimming Pool & Water Safety Tips

The temperatures around Southern Arizona during the summer months can climb well above 100 degrees. People in Souther Arizona adapt to the sweltering heat by avoiding outdoor activities- except for the occasional outing where they run from their air-conditioned house to their air-conditioned car, to go to the air-conditioned store.

Because of the high temps, many people love the idea of having a swimming pool at their rental house. What could be better than having a pool in the backyard that can be used almost year-round? But if you are considering buying a home with a pool to rent out to tenants, there are some items you should think about before you purchase. 

Know Your City & State Pool Regulations 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention drowning is the third leading cause of death from unintentional injury worldwide. Because of this, local and federal rules and regulations have been drafted to help mitigate the risk. It’s important to make sure that your pool or hot tub is up to code to protect yourself and your tenants. Some Arizona city’s stipulate, for example, that the water’s edge is required to be at least five feet from any side or back property line, and that all pools are enclosed by a fence. 

Have The Right Pool Equipment 

The first piece of equipment that you should consider is that fence previously mentioned. If you have a fence installed, make sure that it can only be opened by an adult and that you regularly inspect it for signs of damage or rust. Test the doors to make sure that they actually work and that the latch closes correctly. 

You might also consider placing cleaning equipment, like nets to skim the water for debris, at the home. Who is taking responsibility for the regular cleaning and maintenance of the pool should be spelled out in the lease. A good option would be finding a 3rd party vendor that would come out to the home and perform regular pool maintenance 

Set Clear Expectations 

Have a discussion with potential tenants about the extra responsibility and attention a home with a pool requires. A swimming pool adds value to your property and can help attract prospective tenants, but it is important that they understand the negative aspects such as safety concerns and maintenance items. Clearly state expectations in the lease and discuss it with them. And if the tenants have children, be sure to remind them of the dangers of drowning. 

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