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Avoid Pest Control Problems At Your Rental Property

A Level Up Realty LLC - Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Whether you live in your home or rent it to someone else and have a property management company handle it for you, pest prevention and control is essential if you want to avoid a serious infestation. Inspecting the home for signs of pests can help you identify an infestation sooner, but some pests are difficult to detect unless the infestation is severe. We can help you learn more about the most common pests in Southern Arizona and how to spot them sooner.

Identifying Common Pests

Pests usually leave evidence of their presence inside your home. Droppings are the most commonly noticed sign of an infestation. Droppings are usually located near food and water sources, but may be found anywhere in the home. Cockroach waste often looks like dirt, but reappears soon after cleaning.

Rodent droppings are usually found along baseboards, in hidden areas like cabinets, and near food sources. The droppings look like small, dark pellets that are randomly scattered. A more obvious sign of rodents is a nest.

The nest is often made with scraps of fabric and can be located inside walls or attics. Some rodents build their nest in an unused area near food and water sources. Check empty cabinets and rarely opened drawers for a nest if you suspect rodents are living in your home. Some pests leave unusual evidence, such as piles of sawdust located near wooden structures.

Spotting Hard-to-See Insects

Termites are often difficult to detect, especially when the colony is small. To identify termites before the colony causes serious structural damage, examine exposed wooden surfaces under and around the home for tiny holes. The holes may be difficult to see, but are usually located near waste that looks like piles of sawdust. To prevent serious structural damage, call a pest control company immediately if you see evidence of termites.

Bed begs are also difficult to detect, especially in new infestations. Signs of bed bugs include rust-colored spots, blood stains and black flecks on the bedding or mattress. Itchy welts on household members is also very common. Ask your renters to report these signs as soon as possible. Early, aggressive treatment is often most effective in eliminating bed bugs.

Sometimes, pests can live in your home without any obvious signs, but you may detect subtle signs of an infestation if you know what to look for. Searching for hidden pests living in your home can prevent severe infestations that are difficult to control.

Signs of Hidden Pests

Some pests, such as mice, may be hard to identify if they nest and live in hidden areas,m such as inside the walls. Other pests, such as spider and scorpions, spend their time in dark, out-of-the-way locations. After a short time, these hidden pest populations can grow significantly, leading to large, hard-to-control pest populations in the home. With regular inspections, you can prevent severe pest problems.

To inspect your home for hidden pests, examine unused rooms regularly, and take time to examine storage areas, crawl spaces, and landscaping features carefully. Cool, dark areas like storage rooms are a favorite for spiders, and scorpions are frequently found around landscaping features and crawl spaces. During your home inspection, there are some specific things that you can look for to find hidden pests.

Subtle Signs to Look For

You may have an infestation even if you don’t see very many pests during your inspection. Signs that you may need help from a professional exterminator include:

  • Significant numbers of spiderwebs in unused areas of the home
  • Seeing more than a couple insects or rodents at the same time and in the same area
  • Hearing scratching sounds inside walls or in the attic
  • Dirt-like material in areas that should be clean
  • Unexplained holes in the wall, especially along the baseboards

If you notice any of these signs, a Pest Company can help you find and identify the pests in your home. Taking action as soon as you notice an infestation allows you eliminate the pests before they pose a risk to you, your family, or your renters.

Pest Prevention Strategies

Sealing your home carefully can eliminate the entrance point that allows insects and rodents into your home. Some pests, including scorpions, can slip through cracks that are as thin as a credit card or as small as a dime. Use silicone caulking to seal baseboards, exterior walls, gaps around plumbing pipes.

Weather stripping effectively seals windows and door frames, and you can close larger holes with spray foam insulation. Use fine wire mesh or hardware cloth to keep pests from entering through the crawlspace or vents.

For instance, we can provide and monitor sticky traps to help you identify insect and spider infestations. Preventing infestations is a simple way to protect your home from serious infestations that can damage the structure.

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