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Choosing Landscaping For Your Rental

A Level Up Realty LLC - Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Property Management Blog

Many homeowners are overwhelmed by the prospect of maintaining an attractive yard in Arizona. This is especially true for owners of rental homes, as they need to keep up the landscaping to attract and keep quality tenants but don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money doing so. Luckily there are some great options available to help keep your yard looking beautiful and your wallet full.

Plant Variety

Luckily, there are actually a ton of plants that are native to Arizona that can survive the dry, hot climate. Even better, these plants do not require a ton of water to stay alive and thriving. Water consumption is obviously a big concern for property owners and tenants alike, since the summer can bring some pretty hefty water bills. The property you purchased with a large green front and back yard can get quite expensive when all of that grass needs to be watered regularly. If your tenant doesn’t want to foot the bill, you run the risk of your landscaping suffering and vegetation dying. By choosing to do a desert landscape with plants that are meant for the desert and require less water, you can save money in the long run and have a lower maintenance yard.

Outdoor Living

Think about your yard as an opportunity rather than a challenge. With warm summers and mild winters, the Southern Arizona area is the perfect place for being outdoors all year long. Use it to attract quality tenants! If a potential renter is choosing between multiple homes that are similar in size and price, a beautiful yard may push your rental to the front of the pack.

Want to make your yard even more attractive? Consider purchasing a grill or fire pit to help keep your tenants warm at night and give them another area to entertain. If you’re committed to the grass look, consider a synthetic lawn. They can be affordably installed and require virtually no maintenance.

Landscaping On A Budget

Make a plan before you start digging up your rental home yard. Knowing exactly what you are going to need and where you’re going to put it helps avoid wasting money. Consider talking to a professional. While it might cost you some money upfront, it is well worth the money if it saves you from making costly mistakes. It can also help to time your purchases, as the time of year that you buy your supplies can greatly effect the price. And check a few different places for prices! Look beyond the typical store that you visit. Check out catalogs, arboretums or botanical centers in your area for special sales. Some cities even offer free mulch and compost, and construction sites can be great sources of bricks or stones.

Your Arizona yard doesn’t have to be a source of stress and tension. Use it as an opportunity to attract quality tenants and remember that there are many affordable ways to update your yard and keep the maintenance manageable for future tenants. If you have questions about how a well-done landscaped yard can help your rental make you more money, give our experienced Property Managers a call today 520-332-4114!

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